OCT Journal 2017

OCT Journal 2017

I hiked the Oregon Coast Trail for 45 days, from March 25 to May 8, 2017. I wrote journal entries about my experiences most days, and drew pictures a bit as well. My goal was to record at least one positive experience per day. Surprisingly, I often chose the human connections I made rather than the incredible scenery. As an introvert who was absolutely sick of people when I began my trip, all I can say is thank you to everyone who reminded me of the good side of humanity.

I invite you to peruse these selected entries, which are arranged in chronological order.

If you would like to read more stories from my hike, please refer to the Moments page. If you would like to learn more about the OCT in general, please refer to the main Oregon Coast Trail page.

Day 0: Greyhound Bus Conversations

Day 1: Trail Magic, a Skunk, and Sore Muscles

Day 2: A Ride to Whaleshead

Day 3: Clam Chowder and Showers Cure Everything

Day 4: Joy Ride!

Day 5: Gold Beach Books

Day 6: Curry County Historical Museum

Day 7: Ba-La-Kay and Ay-Ay-Ron!

Days 8-9: Getting Punked by Mother Nature for April Fools

Days 10-12: Bummed and Rattled

Day 13: More Greyhound Conversations

Day 14: Waiting Out the Storm in Coos Bay

Day 15: Amazing State Park Trifecta!

Day 16: Preparing for the Dunes

Day 17: Into the Dunes

Day 18: Dunes to Lakeside

Day 19: Recovering in Lakeside

Day 20: Lakeside to Honeyman

Days 21-23: Florence

Days 24-25: Friends Old and New

Day 26: Highs and Lows

Day 27: Trucking into Newport

Day 28: Sea Lions and Beagles

Day 29a: March for Science: Newport

Day 29b: A Visit from a Dear Friend

Days 30-31: Sick, Round 1

Days 32-33: Fear Getting the Better of Me

Days 33-34: A Lovely Time in Neskowin

Day 34: Pacific City or Bust!

Days 35-36: Sick, Round 2

Day 37: My OCT Guardian Angel

Day 38: Happy Angry Trails

Day 39: Freedom and Friendship

Day 40: Barview to Manzanita

Day 41: Friends Galore!

Days 42-44: Long Days and Deep Roots

Day 45: Home Stretch

Arch Cape to Cannon Beach
Day 43: On the way from Arch Cape to Cannon Beach. This segment was significant to me in many ways. © Jenni Denekas
Sunset at Whaleshead Viewpoint
Day 2: My friend and I watched a stunning sunset at the Whaleshead Viewpoint, and then a nice family gave us a ride down the road. © Jenni Denekas


Seven Devils Brewing
Days 14-16: Even better than the delicious beer at Seven Devils Brewing was the genuine friendliness of the staff. © Jenni Denekas


Sunset Bay State Park
Day 15: Sunset Bay State Park, near Charleston, Oregon. © Jenni Denekas


John Dellenback Dunes
Days 17-22: The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is a surreal place; I can see why it inspired the Dune series! © Jenni Denekas


Baker Beach Friends
Day 24: My friends were a lovely bright spot in a storm. © Joe Dudman and Charissa Yang


Newport March for Science
Day 29: One of my favorite signs at the Newport March for Science. © Jenni Denekas


Netarts to Cape Meares
Day 39: I felt much lighter after cutting a toxic person out of my life. © Jenni Denekas