OCT Lodging

OCT Lodging

Whether you are into roughing it or glamping, there are a lot of options on the OCT

The Oregon Coast Trail is a unique thru-hike in that there is often a wide array of lodging options available to hikers. You can enjoy backcountry solitude in the Sahara-like landscape of the Oregon Dunes Natural Recreation Area, reserve a yurt in one of the many picturesque Oregon State Parks, stay in unique AirBnBs, pitch a tent in a county campground, or simply find a good ol’ fashioned motel.

On my thru-hike (spring 2017), I did a combination of all of the above. I alternated between actual backpacking and staying indoors, so that I could occasionally dry out during a rainy spring of record-setting proportions. Your needs may be different due to a variety of factors, and so I recommend that you begin by readingĀ OCT Accommodations: Planning Versus Winging It. In this article, I discuss my trip-planning thought process, what worked well and what didn’t, and more.

Once you have a general idea of what you are looking for, you can refer to the following resources.

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OCT Central Coast Accommodations

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OCT North Coast Accommodations

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