OCT South Coast Trail Data

OCT South Coast Trail Data

Hiking from the Oregon-California border to Florence

The southern Oregon coast offers more solitude than other parts of the coast, a diverse array of stunning landscapes, and charming small towns. There are also some difficult connection points on the south coast, so please plan carefully. This page will help you construct precise plans for each day on the trail, including pinpointing areas to visit and to avoid. Combine these trail segments as you see fit!

To decide which areas to prioritize, refer to the following key:

Should I hike or should I bypass?

(Should be sung to the tune of “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”)

0 – Skull and Crossbones You gonna die, do not attempt: For instance, walking on a curvy section of Highway 101 with no shoulder.
1 – Poomoji You may not die, but you will at least soil yourself: For instance, walking along Highway 101 with no barrier.
2 – Neutral Face Meh: Right near the highway, not scenic, etc.
3 – Thumbs Up Solid: This may not appear in your Instagram feed, but it’s safe and pleasant.
4 – Excited Face Really nice: Definitely worth doing.
5 – Heart Eye Emoji SO WORTH IT OMG: You are doing this hike wrong if you don’t go here.

OCT South Coast Trail Segments

Click on individual hike segments and destinations to learn more about them. Please note: I hiked the OCT from south to north (northbound, or nobo, as the kids call it these days). As such, these segments are also organized from south to north.

Thumbs Up Pelican Beach State Park, CA to Crissey Field Station, OR
0.8 miles on beach. Rating: 3
 Pelican Beach State Park, CA to Welcome to Oregon Sign
0.4 miles on 101, mostly worth doing for the photo opportunity at the sign. Rating: 2
 Welcome to Oregon Sign to Crissey Field Station
0.5 miles on 101, mostly worth doing for the photo opportunity at the sign. Rating: 2
Thumbs Up Crissey Field Station to Harris Beach State Park
About 8 miles of beach and road through the beautiful town of Brookings. Rating: 3
Heart Eye Emoji Harris Beach State Park to Whaleshead
About 12.5 miles through the Sameul H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor. Rating: 5
Heart Eye Emoji Whaleshead to Arch Rock Viewpoint
About 10 miles through the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor. Rating: 5
Poomoji Arch Rock Viewpoint to Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint
5.6 miles on 101. Rating: 1
Excited Face Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint to Gold Beach
15.2 miles of beach and beautiful scenery. Rating: 4
Thumbs Up Gold Beach to Nesika Beach Market
About 8 miles, primarily beach. Rating: 3
Thumbs Up Gold Beach to Ophir
About 13 miles, primarily beach. Rating: 3
Poomoji Ophir to Humbug Mountain State Park
10.1 miles on 101. Rating: 1
Excited Face Humbug Mountain State Park to Rocky Point
About 3.75 miles on trail, the Old Coast Highway, and beach. Rating: 4
Skull and Crossbones Crossing Rocky Point
0.75 miles of treacherous, ocean-side scrambling. Rating: 0
Thumbs Up Rocky Point to Port Orford
Following 101 for about 1 mile, and then 2.25 miles of beautiful beach to finish. Rating: 3
Thumbs Up Port Orford to Cape Blanco
About 7 miles, half road, half beach, with a river crossing (do at low tide). Rating: 3
Excited Face Cape Blanco to Boice Cope County Park
7.3 miles, beach and trails. Rating: 4
Heart Eye Emoji Boice Cope County Park to Most Remote Spot on the Coast
5 miles of pristine, secluded beach. Rating: 5
Heart Eye Emoji Most Remote Spot on the Coast to Bandon
12 miles of primarily pristine, secluded beach, and into an awesome town. Rating: 5
Thumbs Up Bullards Beach State Park, Bandon to Seven Devils State Recreation Site
5.5 miles of great scenery, but some road walking. Rating: 3
Poomoji Seven Devils State Recreation Site to Charleston
Walking along a twisty, narrow, country road for 15.3 miles. Rating: 1
 Charleston to Sunset Bay State Park
3 miles of road walking. Fine if you need to, but might as well get a cab. Rating: 2
Heart Eye Emoji Sunset Bay State Park to Cape Arago & Back
A trifecta of stunning state parks in a 12-mile walk. An absolute must-see. Rating: 5
 Sunset Bay State Park to Charleston
3 miles of road walking. Fine if you need to, but might as well get a cab. Rating: 2
 Charleston to Coos Bay
9-10 miles of road. Take back roads for a safer and more scenic walk. Rating: 2
Poomoji Coos Bay to Hauser
9-10 miles, primarily Highway 101. Might as well bus. Rating: 1

NOTE: I skipped the Horsfall Beach area, but if you are hiking southbound and/or can arrange a ride across Coos Bay, you should check it out!

Thumbs Up Hauser to Lakeside via the Dunes
About 10 miles of sand! It’s a tough but beautiful day, with remote beaches midway through. Watch out for ATVs. Rating: 3
Poomoji Lakeside to Eel Creek
1.5 miles, mostly on 101. The speed limit is high through here and there are a lot of trucks. If you can, get a ride. Otherwise, get through it as quickly as you can! Rating: 1
Heart Eye Emoji Eel Creek to Umpqua Lighthouse State Park
8.25 miles of dunes and beach to a state park with a nice campground and historic lighthouse. A tough but gorgeous span. Rating: 5
 Umpqua Lighthouse State Park to Winchester Bay
2.5 miles of road, into a fishing town where you can catch a ride – either on a boat or a bus. Rating: 2
Heart Eye Emoji North Shore of Umpqua River to Tahkenitch Creek
About 10 miles of dunes, in a relatively remote area. Rating: 5
Skull and Crossbones Winchester Bay to Sparrow Park Road
8.4 miles of 101, including a long bridge. Try to get a ride instead. Rating: 0
Thumbs Up Sparrow Park Road to Three Mile Lake Trailhead
3.9 miles along a rugged road. Not a bad walk, but you might as well see if your ride from the previous entry can take you to the trailhead. Rating: 3
Thumbs Up Three Mile Lake Trailhead to Tahkenitch Creek
About 4 miles through the dunes to a must-see spot. Rating: 3
Heart Eye Emoji Tahkenitch Creek to Waxmyrtle/Lagoon Campground
About 7.5 miles through the dunes, including beach access. Rating: 5
Excited Face Waxmyrtle/Lagoon Campground to Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park
About 7 miles through the dunes, including beach access. Watch for ATVs. Rating: 4
Poomoji Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park to Florence
4.5 miles along Highway 101, including a narrow bridge. Rating: 1
Poomoji Florence to Siuslaw River South Jetty Trailhead
4.3 miles of roads, including a sketchy part of 101. Might as well get a ride. Rating: 1
Excited Face Siuslaw River South Jetty
About 6 miles round trip. Ocean and river views, bird watching. Rating: 4
Poomoji Siuslaw River South Jetty to Florence
4.3 miles of roads, including a sketchy part of 101. Might as well get a ride. Rating: 1

Done with the southern coast? Ohh yeahhh!

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John Dellenback Dunes
John Dellenback Dunes © Jenni Denekas

Banner Image: Natural Bridges, Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor © Jenni Denekas