OCT Transportation

OCT Transportation

Getting There

Portland to Oregon-California Border (Southern Terminus)

Greyhound Bus (Portland to Smith River, CA or Brookings, OR)
Duration: About 14 hours of travel in two installments – covered by one ticket.
Cost: I paid $98, but booking farther in advance can help you to secure a better deal. Prices are also subject to change, of course.
Logistics: You’ll ride a standard, large Greyhound bus to Medford, and then switch to a small Southwest POINT bus for the remainder of the journey. I’d recommend stopping in either Smith River, California (just south of the border), or Brookings, Oregon (just north of the border).


Flights (PDX to Crescent City, California)
Duration: About 30 minutes.
Price: Variable.
Logistics: You’ll have to coordinate a ride from Crescent City to the Oregon-California border, or catch a bus. Also keep in mind that you are not going to be able to pack fuel for your stove for your flight.

Portland to Fort Stevens State Park (Northern Terminus)

Combination of Northwest POINT Bus and NW ConnectOR Bus
Duration: About 4 hours.
Price: $18 for the POINT, and $1 for the ConnectOR.
Logistics: Take the Northwest POINT from Union Station in NW Portland to the Warrenton Fred Meyer, and then take the NW ConnectOR Route 10 bus to the Hammond Four-Way stop. Walk one mile to Fort Stevens State Park.